Our direct marketing campaigns are perfectly suited to large, service-based corporations.


Present your services in a way that builds effective customer relationships.

In today’s market, relationships are more important than ever. Think about the traditional forms of advertising. Do billboards, print ads, commercials, or telemarketers really make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Probably not. At Elite Consulting Group we will go back to the basics on behalf of your big business. We will provide individual attention to your important customers and form a connection that is more than skin deep. We much prefer a conversation to a cheesy sales pitch. Instead of talking at your customers, we will engage with your customers. Doing so will allow us to discover their needs and interests, and will in turn set the stage for providing the perfect solution.

Ditch the cookie cutter. Forget one size fits all. It’s time to customize.

From a customer’s point of view, there’s nothing quite like an individual experience. There’s a reason that you won’t find cookie cutter bundles on our website. Meeting with customers face to face allows us to offer the most dynamic, adaptable, and responsive services. We aren’t tied down by targeted print ads that only speak to a small demographic. We don’t rely upon commercials that attempt to connect with an overly broad audience. Large corporations and Fortune 500 choose us because we provide only the essential services for their individual needs. Our campaigns are effective in any market and for every demographic, making us the obvious choice for your outsourced sales and marketing needs.

Forget the fancy talk. Start seeing measurable results and a high ROI.

We’re the first to agree that measuring the results of a marketing campaign can be a tricky task. It is easy to get turned off to the idea of customer outreach; the field can be amorphous and the results can be difficult to monitor. When you partner with Elite Consulting Group, the game will change entirely. Forget the marketing jargon and unfulfilled promises and invest your budget with a firm that drives real and measurable results. Our performance is 100% measurable and therefore we are 100% accountable to our word. We keep things simple with clear definitions and continuous analysis, ensuring optimal results and the highest returns. What could be better?